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Hooboba® Pure 750 mg Diet Pills

Hoodoba® Pure Hoodia diet pills are made with 750 mg of 100% pure Hoodia gordonii to give you long-lasting and side-effect-free appetite suppression. Made by the original brand that brought Hoodia gordonii to the United States in 2003, Hoodoba® diet pills are the purest and most effective appetite suppressant available on the market today.
1 Bottle Price = $54.00

Hoodoba® Liquid Hoodia Extract

Hoodoba® Liquid Hoodia extract is the easiest, most convenient way to bring sudden cravings to a halt. Its key advantage lies in its ability to absorb directly into the bloodstream. Nothing works better or faster when you're struck with sudden hunger pangs! For quick suppression use a few drops subligually (under the tongue) or add to your water, coffee or tea.
1 Bottle Price = $53.96

Hoodoba® Hunger Block Plus Fortified Hoodia

These fortified Hoodia diet pills combine the appetite suppressing power of pure Hoodia with 14 other powerful ingredients that work in synergy to burn fat, boost metabolism and increase energy. Hoodoba® Hunger-Block is a must for those of us who require more than pure Hoodia's appetite suppressing power alone.
1 Bottle Price = $54.00


Hoodoba® Ultimate Hoodia Combo

This incredible weight loss kit combines Hoodoba® Pure, Hoodoba® Liquid Hoodia Elixir & Hoodoba® Hunger Block Plus — weight loss will occur effortlessly
• Suppress your appetite
• Eliminate Cravings
• Burn Fat
• Boost Energy
• Lose Weight
1 Combo Price = $129.95

LipoRid PM™ Sleep-Aid Fat Burner

This all-natural sleep-aid, fat-burner works during the night to help you achieve a restful stage-4 sleep while suppressing nighttime food cravings and burning fat — without the use of chemicals or prescription drugs.
1 Bottle Price = $29.95

Slenderizer™ Fat Burner & Body Cleanser

This lipotropic fat burner not only doubles as a master lymph system and body cleanser, it also makes you less susceptible to disease and strengthens your hepatic system. The Slenderizer™ works by expelling harmful toxic substances from the body to enable proper lymph drainage, promote strong liver function and prevent insulin and blood sugar fluctuations.
1 Bottle Price = $39.95

Carbo Rid Carb-Blocker Ultra™

This carb-blocker uses current body fat stores to give you energy while it prevents newly digested carbs from being absorbed by the body. CarboRid™ works by denying you body sufficient carbs on a daily basis, forcing your body to utilize current fat deposits to sustain energy.
1 Bottle Price = $24.95

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of Hoodoba Diet Pills that we offer a risk-free Lifetime Money Back Guarantee! If you are not 100% happy with your results, simply return 1 used bottle along with any other unopened bottles for a full refund (Less Shipping & Handling). With our no risk guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Hoodoba Ultimate Combo Kit
hoodoba ultimate combo

Together, these three incredible components provide the Speed, Advantage, and Effectiveness you won't find with any competing supplements!
Hoodoba Pure Hoodia 750MG
hoodoba pure

If you're constantly hungry, even when you're not 'watching what you eat', the 750 mg will give you the confidence you need to safely make it between meals and be satisfied with smaller portions.
Hoodoba Pure Hoodia 400MG
hoodoba pure

Designed for light to normal appetites, Hoodoba Pure 400 mg capsules helps you turn your focus away from hunger and concentrate on steady improvement toward your weight loss goals.
Hoodoba Hi-Potency Elixir
hoodoba liquid

When 'stealth hunger' is a problem - especially if you need to halt sudden, inconvenient cravings before bedtime or at work - fast-acting Hoodoba 500mg Hi Potency Elixir is your answer. Especially effective in helping you resist junk food cravings.
Hoodoba Hunger Block Plus
hoodoba hunger block plus

Hoodoba Hunger Block Plus contains the same pure P57-active Hoodia gordonii found in all SHC Hoodoba Hoodia products with a proprietary blend of 10 special ingredients to burn body fat and keep your metabolism elevated for maximum thermogenic effect.