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The San People of South Africa

The San are the universally acknowledged first people of Southern Africa. Their hunter-gatherer society reaches back over 27,000 years, and their genetic origins to over one million years. It is believed the San represents the oldest genetic stock of contemporary humanity. Ten thousand years ago their vast exclusive terrain stretched from the Zambezi to the Cape of Good Hope, and from the Atlantic to the Indian Oceans.

Once widespread and plentiful in numbers, 300 years ago European colonist took away their lands and virtually wiped them out. The San people now number a mere 110,000 living in poverty on the outer fringes of society. Facing cultural extinction, they now struggle to win back a foothold in the lands they once owned and freely roamed.

Our Contribution
To this end we've ensured that the SAN people, owners of the traditional rights to the Hoodia plant (represented by *WIMSA) receive a portion of the proceeds from every Hoodia purchase we make. We are also delighted that WIMSA contested and recently won their case against multinational pharmaceutical companies seeking to develop a drug from South African Hoodia.

Their Legacy
The San believe in two gods – one associated with life and the rising sun in the east, and one with death and the setting sun in the west. A belief common across the different clans is that at some ‘early time’ people and animals were indistinguishable and only after a ‘second creation’ did people acquire the human qualities they have today. Another common practice across the clans is that of the trance dance, a means by which shamans and healers (both men and women) cross over to parallel worlds in order to heal. Knowledge of these religious beliefs and the role of the trance dance are important to the understanding of their rock art and paintings across southern Africa. The art and its interpreters have died out, but contrary to earlier western notions of simple naïve art, rock paintings are now believed to have been representations of cosmological and spiritual beliefs and occurrences. South Africa’s Bongani Mountain is rich in San rock art noted for their uniqueness by academics in the field.

Guests on CC Africa Expedition to the Central Kalahari also have the opportunity to experience the art of tracking with a San guide. Aside from their rock art, engravings and isolated remnant settlements, the legacy of the San and acknowledgement of their place in the region’s history, is enshrined in the motto on the South African National Coat of Arms, "!ke e: /xarra //ke, which in the /Xam" means “diverse people unite”.

*WIMSA (Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa) was established in 1996 at the request of the San in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. WIMSA was organized to provide a platform for the people of the San communities to address their needs and problems and express their concerns. WIMSA also advocates and lobbies for San rights, establishes networks for information exchange among San communities and other concerned parties, and provides training and advice to San communities on matters of tourism, integrated development projects and land tenure.

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Hoodoba® Hoodia Gordonii weight loss products are made by the original Hoodia brand that brought Hoodia Gordonii to America and was featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes.

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Hooboba® Hoodia Diet Pills and Liquid Hoodia Extract are manufactured in the USA under strict FDA guidelines.

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The Heart of the Matter

Worldwide fascination with hoodia has bred strong curiosity within the mainstream, but…do most people know what real hoodia is? What is the difference between traditional Hoodia gordonii, the many cheap knock-offs and weak hoodia products that have arrived on the scene? There is some misunderstanding, and the need exists for clarity in defining authentic hoodia from the fakes and weaker adulterated versions.

People are beginning to realize that in order to obtain the desired results, concocted credentials and superficial skimming won’t stand up to scrutiny.

What guidelines should we use to distinguish hoodia that works from shams?

First, do not rely entirely on C.I.T.E.S as proof of authenticity (one will be included with your order if requested). Why? Even easier than in the "offline-world", documents in cyberspace can be easily manipulated (not merely whited out) to appear quite convincing to the onlooker.

Moreover, even if the C.I.T.E.S. is real, it doesn't tell you how much, if any, of the hoodia actually made it into the finished product.

TRUTH IS, to be 100% certain what you have is the true full strength South African hoodia there is only one thing you need to know -- companies selling real hoodia have nothing to hide and are not afraid to subject their products to invariable scrutiny and independent lab testing.

ORIGINAL Hoodia Brand

HOODOBA was the first brand to bring 100% pure Hoodia diet pills to the United States. Its novelty and promise of dieting “cures” created a sensational wave that eventually caught the attention of CBS 60 Minutes News which subsequently purchased it and featured it along with a full-blown story on the hoodia cactus plant from which it is made.

Today, HOODOBA remains the brand with the unique distinction for not only being first, but also for opening the doors to Alkemist Pharmaceutical (the most qualified independent lab in the country) to:

• Routinely purchase and randomly test our products without our knowledge.
• Report back to the public their latest findings, regardless of results. (click to see the latest findings)

By so doing we've removed all ifs, ands, and buts; And, have proven to the world that unlike the newcomers, we have nothing to hide.

That is why it is widely recognized that when you purchase HOODOBA® you can rest assured knowing that what is on the label is actually in the bottle.

Now with the proper information and a little discernment you CAN and WILL have the hoodia brand that is truly capable of getting the job done!

Security / Privacy Assurance

HoodobaDiet.com values and respects your privacy. All of your information is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the industry's best technology used to scramble and encrypt all personal information including names, addresses, and credit card numbers.

Aside from your tracking information, electronic receipts, and contact with you regarding your order, you will not receive any unsolicited emails from us. Also, we will not share your email address with anyone.

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Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of Hoodoba Diet Pills that we offer a risk-free Lifetime Money Back Guarantee! If you are not 100% happy with your results, simply return 1 used bottle along with any other unopened bottles for a full refund (Less Shipping & Handling). With our no risk guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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